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November 13, 2022

The following items have been updated and posted to the pages indicated on this website. The links listed below will take you directly to the appropriate section.

  • The virtual catalog of Canadian resources,  https://alsqda.wordpress.com/meeting-materials/  has been updated to include:
    • A recent article includes additional links to the “World Cat” website, including books, videos, tapes, etc. that could be a video available through your local library on an interlibrary loan.
    • Entry of a website with 6500+ free links to various Canadian-related directories, including city directories, telephone, businesses, etc.
  • The meeting materials page  https://alsqda.wordpress.com/meeting-materials/  has been updated to add items for our fourth coming meeting on November 22 including the video  “Discovering your Loyalist Ancestors” and various links that are referenced during the presentation.
  • The section containing a listing  https://alsqda.wordpress.com/new1/  of virtual webinars, conferences, meetings, etc. has been updated. – most are free online events to be presented now through December, 2022. The listing is extracted and compiled by us from the hundreds of worldwide live and virtual genealogical events by https://conferencekeeper.org/


See the coming virtual events page — Canadian Genealogical Events section of this website https://alsqda.wordpress.com/new1/ for updated information about virtual events (many free) occurring between October 9 and December 15, 2022

(2022 10 09)


Posted: September 4, 2022

Did Your Canadian Immigrant Ancestor Arrive Via NY?

By Rick Roberts, GlobalGenealogy.com

While evaluating a free online database of passenger lists, the author encountered a surprise result that helped him break through a persistent obstacle in his family history research. https://globalgenealogy.com/news/articles/00119.htm


Posted: September 4, 2022

Google Searching Tips for Genealogists

You may be surprised what amazing genealogy finds you can discover using just Google alone! In addition, thousands of photos, scanned books, and online genealogical collections are available that aren’t on the usual big websites like Ancestry or FamilySearch.


Special Event Added —

Researching Your French-Canadian Ancestors
Gillian Moorecroft, Publicity, Toronto Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society
September is coming and so are more great courses from the Toronto Branch Education Committee. First up is a two-part series on French Canadian research, which will be held via Zoom on September 22nd  and 29th at 7:30 pm. The course looks at French Canadian research with a focus on those who migrated to Ontario. The first evening will highlight the use of the1666 Census. The second evening will focus on how to access records on two Quebec databases – BMS2000 and Genealogy Quebec.
The sessions will be presented by Quebec genealogy specialist Johanne Gervais, BSc, MBA. Johanne is the founder of the Québec Genealogical eSociety(www.genquebec.com), which provides members tools to conduct their own Quebec research from the comfort of their homes. She also runs own company Quebec Family Search (www.quebecfamilysearch.com) which provides research assistance.
The cost is $15 for OGS members/$20 for non-members. The sessions will be recorded so attendees can watch at their convenience.
Added 08/06/2022

Coming Canadian Genealogy Events: World-wide has been updated on 7/31/2022 to extend to 10/8/2022

Posted 7/31/2022

Meeting dates changed

In order to avoid actual and potential conflicts the dates and times of our regularly scheduled meetings have been changed to the fourth Tuesday of the month starting September 27, 2022. Meetings are scheduled to start at 2 PM and be completed before 3:30 PM.

Please see the “Our next meeting” and the “Future programs” pages this website for additional details about the meetings.

(Posted 07/27/2022 ajt)

Genealogy Ensemble



The database below consists of the many authors who focused their writings on the many families from Ulster who settled in Quebec. 

There are numerous documents available for download, interesting articles on the subject, including several theses, and magazine articles.

Click the link below to access the file in a new window. 

Ulster families in Quebec June 21stDOWNLOADTH

Great Famine Voices Hamilton, Ontario’ on YouTube

Posted on June 2, 2022 by Gail Dever

If you missed the online premiere last Sunday of Great Famine Voices Hamilton, Ontario, it is now available on YouTube.

The 35-minute documentary is part of the ongoing Great Famine Voicesseries produced and curated by Dr. Jason King for Ireland’s National Famine Museum, Strokestown Park, and Irish Heritage Trust.

The documentary focuses on the migrants who made the journey through the quarantine station at Grosse Île, Quebec and down the St. Lawrence River to settle in the region of Hamilton, Ontario.

It features Irish emigrants and the descendants of Famine migrants, who share family letters and artifacts, along with historical perspectives from Dr. Laura Smith, historical researcher and advisor to the Canada Ireland Foundation.