Our Next Meeting

Canadian 🇨🇦 eSIG monthly zoom meeting

The following is the information for the SIG column  in the next newsletter issue:

The GSCC Canadian 🇨🇦eSIG will hold a live virtual PowerPoint presentation on “What Will Happen to My Genealogical Legacy — After I’m Gone?” on Tuesday, March 28 at 2 PM (Eastern), featuring Al Turner, a Canadian 🇨🇦eSIG facilitator, as the presenter. The discussion will be about suggestions and steps you should take now to prevent the loss and potential disappearance of years of genealogical research. The presentation is not limited to Canadian-centric subjects and should interest all genealogists. There will be a handout.

Following the presentation, there will be a round table/workshop to discuss the program and Canadian genealogical subjects. The Canadian 🇨🇦eSIGis a group dedicated to the mutual aid of fellow genealogists. Those on the Canadian 🇨🇦eSIG email listing will automatically receive an invitation to the ZOOM meeting, while new participants can request an invitation by contacting thegscccanadianesig@gmail.com or alfronct@gmail.com with “Invitation” in the subject line. 


Friday, April 14 at 12:00pm 

We’re excited to announce that the Canadian eSIG is returning a pre-Covid tradition with a friendly April “Lunch with Linda” in Naples! We’re looking forward to meeting all our fellow Canadian eSIG members in person for pleasant conversation and enjoyable lunch at the Ridgway (https://www.ridgwaybarandgrill.com/ ) on Friday, April 14 at noon. We won’t have a virtual meeting this April, but we hope you can attend our in-person gathering! For further information: alfronct@gmail.com