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This area will provide various materials generated by the virtual meetings of the Canadian 🇨🇦 eSIG. Depending upon the nature of the meeting it may include a syllabus, handouts and recordings of the meetings.

Posted:February 1 2023

Canadian 🇨🇦 eSIG monthly zoom meeting

Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at 2 PM (Eastern) 

 My Canadian Genealogy Resolutions for 2023: 

(My Plan A and Plan B)

Winter workshop /roundtable discussions –Virtual via ZOOM

Meeting materials mentioned in our discussions OK


4 Steps To Better Genealogy Research Plans

How to Create a Genealogy Research Plan: A 5-Step Example

The Genealogy Research Process: The WANDER Method


How to Not Get Overwhelmed with Your Genealogy Research: Guest Amy Johnson Crow

Start Your Genealogy Research Right – Avoid These Common Mistakes!

Television programs

 Houses With History | HGTV

Houses with History is a new (2021) home renovation show on HGTV. In the show, we see passionate preservationists Mike Lemieux, Rich Soares, and designer Jen MacDonald meticulously restoring vintage historic homes in and around Plymouth, Massachusetts. This renovation series comes with a serious amount of information. In each episode, the history buff, carpenter, and designer work together to save century-old properties.

  • Season #1 (2021 — present) is currently available (Free } on HG TV-GO. Also currently available on the Roku channel,  Discovery+, and Spectrum with a subscription. It can be purchased at $1.99 per episode on Prime Video and Vudu.

Who do you think you are? (2010 -2022)

Who do you think you are is a long running program where celebrities are given the opportunity to research their family trees with surprising and often unexpected results.

  • 50 episodes from 77 seasons are available to download free add YouTube

  • Season 2013–2023 are currently available by subscription on channels TLC go, Discovery+, Roku channel, Spectrum, Prime Video & VUDU. Season 2022 Is also available Free on a Peacock , NBC News, NBC, USA, Bravo, SYFY, Telemundo, E, and Oxygen


NEW 2023 EDITION! The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook:

The Genealogy Do-Over journey is constructed of 12 Steps that can be easily followed. You can choose to pace yourself as you see fit. You can even drop some of the less important tasks and add your own. Do whatever it takes to ensure that you are on a firm footing to finding your ancestors. Paperback $ 8.99 on Amazon. Free download on  Amazon kindleGreen in google


Relative Finder: New Ways to Connect with Cousins  a fun family history experience for families, adults, and youth. The software program helps users find how they are related to famous people in the United States and the LDS Church and to European royalty. That’s not all! The program also allows you to set up groups to see how members of the group are inter-related. You can even set yourself up with your own deceased ancestor group. Within your own group you can see how you are related to each cousin and how you may be related through more than one ancestor. You will need an Internet connection and a FamilySearch Account for the website to work with FamilySearch Family Tree.


Ontario Ancestors – The Ontario Genealogical Society is an Ontario registered non-profit corporation, a registered Canadian charity and, is Canada’s largest member supported genealogical organization. Founded in 1961, with the vision of being recognized as the authority and leader in all aspects of Ontario related family history research, preservation and communication, oh. Ontario Ancestors – The Ontario Genealogical Society has 30 geographically based branches throughout Ontario together with 5 special interest groups (British Home Children, Eastern European, Scottish, Irish and Irish-Palatine).

Genealogy: Sydenham, Grey County, Ontario,_Ontario_Genealogy

 Bruce and Grey County Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Ontario Genealogical Society


Updated December 5, 2022

Canadian 🇨🇦 eSIG monthly zoom meeting

Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at 2 PM (Eastern) 

A 46-minute video presentation:

Discovering Your Canadian Loyalist Ancestors with  Lesley Anderson | Ancestry Canada

Meeting materials

Ancestry card catalog

41+ entries and links to Loyalist-related databases:

Canadian loyalist search categories on Ancestry

 How to Find Loyalists in the American Revolution  (A seven-page article with over 40 links to various ancestry and other locations)

UELAC – United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada

United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada | The Canadian Encyclopedia

The United Empire Loyalists

American Migrations 1765-1799 

 Peter Wilson Coldham  Available at (see also Google books and World Cat)

Filby’s Passenger & Immigration Lists 1500s-1900s

October 28, 2022

Links discussed at the Canadian eSIG meeting 
of October 25, 2022

La Société des Filles du roí et soldats du Carignan


Are You a Filles du Roi Descendant?


Search for names in the Index to French Canadian Patriots of the American Revolutionary War.

Utilize your tree information and the DAR database to assist in your search. Proving that your ancestor is the person in the database may turn out more complex but is certainly doable. Fortunately, Debbie Duay, a member of the DAR, has created a website that includes a step-by-step tutorial to follow.


The Canadian Society of Mayflower Descendants (CSMD)

Marked its 42nd anniversary on September 13, 2022! It was established in 1980 when it became the first Mayflower Member Society of the General Society of Mayflower Descendants to be formed outside the United States



Censuses —

Census returns are official Government of Canada records that enumerate the country’s population. They are an invaluable source of information for genealogy research. In 1851, most census records included every resident’s name, country or province of birth, age, and many other details. Library and Archives Canada holds an extensive collection of Canadian census records from 1640 to 1926 and for Newfoundland from 1671 to 1945



American Migrations 1765-1799 Peter Wilson Coldham Available at (see also Google books and World Cat)

Filby’s Passenger & Immigration Lists 1500s-1900s

The Loyalists in Ontario: The Sons and Daughters of the American Loyalists of Upper Canada (Paperback – August 30, 2015) on Amazon

History of the settlement of Upper Canada (Ontario), with special reference to the Bay of Quinté

Author: William Canniff, Great Britain, Print Book,1011 pages 1869 (Free Copy available on Worldcat) 

There was no audio or video recording of this meeting.


Handout for the BYU Family History Library video by Dave Obee


“Canadian Genealogy Online”

As compiled by the Canadian🇨🇦 eSIG

Dave Obee has written a dozen books and has given more than 700 presentations at genealogy and history conferences since 1997. He offers four dozen presentation topics, ranging from general genealogical information, to Canadian research, to technology and more.

Watch the YouTube video again:

Dave Obee’s site:   


Canada 1921 census:

Been Verified (the everyday information company—background checks):

Loyalist Genealogy —  

Passenger Lists for the Port of Quebec City and Other Ports, 1865-1922:   (See also — Family Search and Ancestry)


Library and Archives Canada (Lac):


Find my past:


Peels Prairie Provinces:

Canadian genealogy by region and category – see Can🍁Genealogy:

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