About our 🇨🇦Canadian eSIG

Our Mission

To provide enhanced membership services to GSCC members who share a special interest in Canadian genealogy.

To offer an ongoing means of learning and communication among those members of the society.

Our History

A Canadian SIG has existed within the GSCC for over 10 years. In addition to providing general support year-round in person meetings were held at the Naples Central Library “in season” during the month of January, February, and March each year.

When COVID-19 struck in 2020 and continued into 2021 the activities of the GSCC Canadian SIG ground to a halt. But, as a result of the pandemic, many of us found the best new way of communicating and discussing our genealogical efforts was online via ZOOM or similar applications. Thus, in 2022 the GSCC 🇨🇦 eSIG was born.

What we do ,,,

❖ Provide online meetings, programs, and presentations of Canadian genealogical subjects.

❖ Moderate “round table” discussions where we exchange information on points of interest such as migration routes to and through Canada, the United States, New England, and the American Midwest.

❖ Conduct on-line discussions of specific ancestral subject areas such as the Union Empire Loyalists, Metis, Les Filles De Roi, or locations like the Maritimes, British Columbia, and the Prairie Provinces.

❖ We maintain timely listings of forthcoming meetings, presentations, etc., of Canadian-related online and in-person genealogical events.

❖ Our site also includes our extensive list of links, websites, articles, and blogs selected to enhance your Canadian genealogical research.

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❖ Meet new people who share your Genealogical interests

❖ Find hundreds of links, articles, podcasts and news compiled for Canadian genealogists

❖ Learn more about Canadian genealogy from meetings, events, and videos