Canadian 🇨🇦eSIG Resource Catalog.

 Canadian 🇨🇦eSIG Resource Catalog

On these pages, you will find a curated collection of resources that the members of our group have found helpful in their Canadian genealogical searches. Links and sites are organized in a manner that we hope you will find useful and intuitive.

We aim to attempt to keep these pages up to date and timely.

We are constantly alert for new sites and would appreciate your input and suggestions for additions to this list. Please advise of any updated sites or broken links. A form to request to add, modify, or delete. a resource is provided on the web page ( 🚧🚧🚧 under construction)  Please complete the input data to the extent possible and forward the form to the email address indicated.

Master Resource Sites

These are locations with a multiple of different, categorized, comprehensive, and cross reference resources. They are probably the best jumping off points for any Canadian genealogical research:

  • CanGenealogy ( Dave Obee) “Your guide to Canada’s best family history resources” (AJT)
  • Genealogy à la carte Gail Dever)  A daily blog with wide-ranging links to genealogy  on Facebook and a detailed and comprehensive internet “research toolbox.”      ( AJT)
  • New England Historical & Genealogical Society  (NEHGS) Use search function for a family name, town location, and period of time             (JZF)
  • BAnQ  Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (English Links), Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ) brings together, preserves, and promotes heritage materials from or related to Québec. As a key player in the knowledge society and a genuine cultural hub, BAnQ strives to democratize access to knowledge.
    ttps:// (AJT)
  • Library and Archives Canada As the custodian of our distant past and recent history, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is a key resource for all Canadians who wish to gain a better understanding of who they are, individually and collectively. LAC acquires, processes, preserves and provides access to our documentary heritage and serves as the continuing memory of the Government of Canada and its institutions.           (AJT 20220913)                        
  • Olive Tree Genealogy: Are you hunting for your American or Canadian ancestors? Search for your family and immigrant ancestors! Free searchable genealogy transcriptions, including passenger lists, are at your fingertips. Adding another branch to your family tree has never been easier. Genealogy records transcribed for Olive Tree Genealogy are FREE  and will help you find your elusive ancestor. Allow yourself lots of time to look around.                                                    (AJT20220823)
  • Canadian Genealogy Records Online All of Canada  Includes deaths and burials, Metis research links, an index of double names (dit names), census records, provincial archives, etc.              (ANON20220823)
  • Archives Canada CA is an official archival portal maintained by the Canadian Council of Archives (CCA) and is a joint initiative of CCA, the Provincial and Territorial Archival Networks, and Library and Archives Canada (LAC). All archival descriptions and links contained in the searchable database are provided by provincial and territorial councils, their members,         (FCHSC  20220823) 
  • Cyndi’s List —Cyndi’s List has been a trusted genealogy research site for more than 25 years (over 315,000 links in over 200 and 25 different categories)                        (AJT)

·      Genealogy by geographic area

  • Peel’s Prairie Provinces (University of Alberta) a resource dedicated to assisting researchers of all types in their exploration of western Canadian history and culture                                                       (AJT)  
  • Antigonish Heritage Museum, Antigonish, Nova Scotia ) Antigonish Cenotaph Project I: WW I fallen personnel and a history of their family
    Antigonish Cenotaph Project II: WW II fallen personnel and a history of their families.  A continuous project with new veterans added periodically. Family history from origins, immigration, family history, and Military history is included                         (JZF)

  • BMS 2000 ( $) (Free Trial) Groupe BMS2000 is a cooperative project for establishing a common database with the BMS records — births, marriages, and deaths (burials or sepultures) —  of 24 genealogical societies of Quebec province.  16.6 million BMS records have been collected. (French and English)  English site is at:                                                                                  (RP20220823)

  • Drouin Collection:  ($) This French-Canadian collection has over 15 million genealogical and vital records entries; the Institut Généalogique Drouin microfilmed them. Under the French Regime, there were two sets of records in Quebec: a copy for the civil government archives and a copy for the ecclesiastical church archives. The Drouin collection is a civil copy of these entries. Six databases                       (RP20220823)
  • PRDH    (English link) ($) (Drouin Institute) The PRDH register has become an evolutionary and multi-purpose database, available for queries regarding various human populations in general and that of Quebec in particular. It is a truly interdisciplinary information system. Created to provide demographic data, this remarkable tool has been used for a wide variety of research projects involving scholars from many disciplines – history, medicine, linguistics, anthropology, biology, genetics, and genealogy – as can be seen in more than 200 titles in the PRDH’s bibliography.                                                                               (FCHSC  20220823
  • Genealogy Quebec (English link) (F) & ($)  (Drouin Institute)To care for the past, the present, and the future. Powerful search tools, millions of images, and files. There is something to suit all tastes. The importance of safe-keeping the heritage of Quebec with photography and digitization. under constant development. Includes the La France collection of Quebec  BMD 1621-2021   (FCHSC  20220823)            

·      Genealogy by category & groups

(e.g., census, directories, loyalists, newspapers, etc.)
  • Union Empire Loyalist Association of Canada (UELAC) Resources include a loyalist directories, a ship database, and other loyalist related data,
    . (AJT)
  • Census of Canada, 1921 (Library and Archives Canada) A detailed enumeration of the Canadian population (AJT)
  • – French Canadian genealogy (New England Historical & Genealogical Society)  (NEHGS)  Help sheet on how to research Canadian Genealogy          (JZF)
  • – Acadian Genealogy( New England Historical & Genealogical Society)  (NEHGS)  History, timeline, existing records, historical content, finding aids, guides, family genealogies of Acadians (JZF)
  • Ontario Ancestors — (Ontario Genealogical Society) Recognized as the authority and leader in all aspects of Ontario related family history research, preservation, and communication. Brings together and assists those interested in the pursuit of family history and the reservation of the Ontario genealogical heritage.                                                                            (LJR)
  • Canadian Resources about Canadian Indigenous and Métis ( French Canadian Heritage Society of Michigan) Canadian Resources about Canadian Indigenous and Métis Under Section 35 of the 1982 Canadian Constitution, “Aboriginal peoples of Canada” includes the Indian, Inuit, and Métis.  The United States does not recognize the Métis as a separate group of people; therefore, we have elected to provide a page that discuss Canadian Resources and a separate one that discuss American Resources. (LJR) and genealogy: A powerful combination connects genealogical researchers to millions of pieces of unique content not found elsewhere. — Newspapers, family Bibles, cemetery and burial archives, microfilm, and digitized local records—it’s a treasure trove of family history waiting to be uncovered. Learn how to make the most of this powerful, global resource. (AJT 20221108)

  • 6,700 Free Online Canada City Directories

City and business directories are available online from all over the U.S. and Canada and are considered another important set of information that can assist you in advancing your family history and genealogy research So, what kinds of directories are available to the researcher?  Naturally city and business directories, but also telephone directories, and alumni, farm, lodge, rural, and social directories. (2022 – 11–08)

·      Genealogy tools & information

  • The Family Research Library of the  French-Canadian Heritage Society of California (an affiliate of the Southern California Genealogical Society), houses one of the largest collections of French-Canadian and Acadian genealogical materials in the United States. ( FCHSC  20220823)

  • Genealogy bargains $ (Thomas MacEntee) Individual users are welcome to use Genealogy Bargains to find resources on the Internet through our collection of links. Genealogy Bargains strives to be a resource for saving money when purchasing genealogy and family history products and services; much time, thought and effort has gone into locating and curating the best resources.(AJT 2022-10-13)

Canadian Social History

After you have done your research about your ancestors, it is time to find out how they lived. Social history will provide background information about the life’s social activities locations and what your ancestors did on a daily basis.

  • Canadiana In 2018, CRKN  the  Canadian Research Knowledge Network merged with Canadiana

an organization dedicated to the preservation and access of Canada’s documentary heritage since 1978. As a merged organization, CRKN continues its core licensing activities for scholarly journal content, while expanding support for the digitization and preservation of, and access to, Canadian heritage content.                                                         (AJT 20220913)

The Canadian Encyclopedia Social history is a way of looking at how a society organizes itself and how this changes over time. The elements that make up Canada’s social history includes climate and geography, as well as the transition to industrialization and urbanization.  (AJT 20220913)

·      DNA

  • French-Canadian Ancestry and Relevant Health Conditions Blog (23 and me) Reports on rare genetic disorders that affect French Canadians more than the general European population.                                                                     (AJT)
  • The French Heritage DNA project  The main goal of the project is to find and confirm DNA signatures of ancestors, mainly in today’s Quebec, Acadia, and old Louisiana, preferably before 1800, and Metis/Natives of these areas. This is a matter of documentation that can be validated. It extends to France, other French colonies, French-speaking countries, and French migrants like Huguenot                 (FCHSC  20220823)

·      Blogs 

  •  Crème de la crème is a once weekly (usually Saturday) edition of the daily Genealogy à la carte genealogy news blog from a Montréal, Québec Point de Vue. (Gail Dever) includes Canadian and non – Canadian genealogical blogs, articles, and other interesting sources.  (AJT)

·      Articles

  • Global Genealogy  ListingArchived articles of more than 5000 genealogy and history articles.(The majority are associated with Canada) This list provides links to those articles that continue to be relevant and still enjoy a wide readership today. It also includes entries of printed & Digital Books, Genealogy, Vital Records & History Listed By Country or Topic.                                                                                           (AJT 20220823)

·      Recommended Books & Authors

  • Gail Morinhas written numerous books on Metis families; native American tribes in Canada/Pacific Northwest/northern states; the fur trade families in Quebec and the Pacific Northwest, and other assorted books (censuses, church records) which look like they would help some of our Canadian researchers.                 (Also on Amazon) (LJR)

·      Podcasts (audio&video)

  • Maple Stars and Stripes (Sandra Goodwin)  Helps with your French Canadian genealogy research. Included are tips for using French language records and looking at different groups’ repositories and history (AJT).

  • French Canadian Legacy Podcast (Martineau, Campbell & Desjardins) Today, there are more than two million descendants of French Canadian immigrants living in New England. These are their stories                                                    (AJT).
  • Les Fille du Roi—YouTube Series  (Have roots –Will travel – Lisa Elvin Staltari ) 80+ YouTube video biographies of individual “Filles”. Currently, new biographies are added weekly. The bios vary but usually include facts about birthplaces, marriages, transport to Canada, children, etc.(if you are looking for a name that is not yet on the list, request it and she will move the name up on her “to-do list” ). She intends to do a video on each of the 700Filles. Each video lasts from 10-12 minutes,. (AJT 2022-10-13)

·      Videos

  •  French Canadian resources at NHGS     Presented by: Rhonda R. McClure Level: Beginner – Intermediate Running Time: 1:10:58   Learn what resources exist for French Canadian genealogical research and how to get the most out of them.        Pre-Recorded (JZF) 

  • Finding Your Scottish Ancestors in Canada (YouTube,  46.38 minutes) Christine Woodcock shares resources for finding your Scottish ancestors who may have immigrated to Canada. (ANON)

 Pre-recorded webinars(F)free&Fee($)

  • Family Tree Webinars — The world’s most popular webinar (F)&($) website for genealogy and DNA testing, where you can enjoy a robust offering of live and recorded webinars presented by top speakers  (AJT)                     

     Other Resources & Organizations

  •    The Genealogical Society of Collier County  We are located in beautiful Naples, Florida and are dedicated to researching and recording family histories, as well as teaching and assisting researchers.
  • The Lee County Genealogical Society of Southwest Florida
  • The Quebec Genealogical eSociety Our goal is to be the premier, comprehensive, service provider for family historians and genealogists worldwide who are researching their ancestors in Quebec. To bring to genealogists an inclusive, web-based environment that replicates the brick-and-mortar experience of a Québec-focused genealogical society. (AJT)
  •  Genealogical Ensemble (group) (Newsletters, Blogs, Articles) a group of friends in Montreal, Quebec, who meet regularly to discuss genealogy research and brick walls. We work together to help genealogists discover their ancestors; Our ancestors came from Canada, the British Isles, France, Scandinavia, the United States, Italy, and many other countries.  (AJT)
  •    The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 —  Halifax Immigration Records and Family History The Scotiabank Family History Centre offers remote research services for people who are not able to visit the museum but would like to locate an immigration record. Our staff use a variety of internal and external sources to locate immigration records, manifests, and passenger lists              (KB)

·      General genealogical Links & Sites

  • French-Canadian Heritage Society of California

  • Reunion       (Software MAC)                             
  • TIARA(The Irish Ancestral Research Association)
  • Wikitree